About Us

Greater Zion was founded in 1909 and throughout the years, the pastoral leadership has changed. In 1969, Rev. Miller E. Johnson, Sr. accepted the Call of God and led the Saints at the church. A groundbreaking ceremony was held in April 1973 at 4751 Hopkins Ave., and services started in the fall for Greater Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Under his leadership, the church grew tremendously and impacted the community.

In July 1983, according to the vision of Miller E. Johnson Sr., the name was changed to Greater Zion Baptist Church. In 1991, Rev. Miller was called home to God. In life and death, Miller would say, God always come out a winner at the finish line. In his untimely death, Mark A. Johnson, Sr., assistant pastor assumed the position as interim pastor.

In July 1991, Mark A. Johnson, Sr. was appointed senior pastor of Greater Zion Baptist Church where he serves to date.

Mission Statement

Greater Zion Baptist Church will demonstrate God’s love and reach out to the least, last and those that seek direction.

Our Vision is to train and equip other disciples to seek their purpose, and inspire change to make a difference.    

Our Pastor

,Mark A. Johnson Sr.
Senior Pastor

A native Texan Pastor M. A. Johnson Sr. grew up in Dallas and was nurtured in faith at an early age. After graduating from South Oak Cliff High School, he earned an Associate Degree in Computer Technology in 1981.

Being born from a lineage of preachers, his grandfather Herman Johnson of Punte, Texas, Father Miller E. Johnson of Dallas, Tx., God called Pastor Johnson into the ministry in 1983. After demonstrating a clear assurance of a divine call, M. E. Johnson Sr. ordained him at Greater Mt. Zion Baptist Church in 1986.

In 1991, Pastor Johnson began serving as Senior Pastor of Greater Zion Baptist Church located in Dallas, Texas. A cogitator of God’s Word, and a Greek and Hebrew Disciplinary. Pastor Johnson once said, if you meet me and forget me you have lost nothing, but if you meet God and forget Him, you have lost everything.